Adsorption (PSA) Oxygen Plants

Efficient units to generate oxygen from atmospheric air provided with capability of its filling in cylinders. The advantage of oxygen units based on the adsorption method is the low-cost price of the generated gas. The PSA units can be designed for both indoor and outdoor use.


up to 6,000 m³/h

Oxygen purity

up to 95–99%


0.5 MPa; 15 MPa

Warm-up period

up to 20 minutes

Grasys is proud to offer its Customers advanced serial oxygen adsorption plants AKS, as well as adsorption units designed in line with the Customer’s individual technical specifications. The unit capacity is up to 6000 m³/h with oxygen purity up to 99%.

Should the Customer take interest in generating oxygen and filling it in cylinders, Grasys can offer adsorption oxygen filling cylinder units.

Grasys offers a broad range of air separation plants to generate oxygen ranging from small-size ones designed to cut and welding metal as well as to perform other tasks to systems enabling to arrange independent filling of standard oxygen cylinders at oxygen pressure of 150 atm within production process.

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Adsorption Oxygen
cylinder filling Plants

Grasys is proud to offer serial AKSB adsorption oxygen plants to fill cylinders, as well as units designed in line with the Customer’s specifications. The unit capacity ranges from 20 to 1,000 cylinders per day with the generated oxygen purity up to 99%. Should the Customer take interest in prompt deploying oxygen production on site and its filling in cylinders, Grasys can offer mobile nitrogen plants to fill cylinders.

Adsorption Oxygen cylinder filling Plants

Product Design Options

Fixed Design

Free equipment placement.

Fixed Design

On-skid or on-platform design allowing for the system quick installation and start-up.

Packaged Modular (Transportable)

Modular container or sea container design. Operation in various climatic zones.
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Capacity, m³/hup to 6,000

Oxygen purity, %up to 95–99

Pressure, MPa0.5; 15

Dew point temperature, °C−70

Operating temperature, °C+5 to +40

Unit operating life, thousands hoursup to 70–120

General Description

Grasys manufactures oxygen generation equipment based on well-proven (PSA) and (VPSA) technologies. The operating principle is based on the properties of adsorbing materials to selectively absorb molecules of nitrogen and impurity gases contained in atmospheric air, while allowing oxygen molecules to pass through. All the adsorbents used in the equipment are certified and approved in Russia, which guarantees the reliability of the systems and the high quality of the oxygen produced.

The use of air-separating adsorption oxygen generation plants can reduce the cost of the oxygen produced many times over. The undisputed advantage of these systems, apart from the economic benefits, is their ease of use and maintenance, as well as very high reliability.

Oxygen generation plants are used for a wide range of applications, the most popular being autogenous oxygen (except for automatic metal cutting). Oxygen generators are also used in the silicate, pulp-and-paper, food and pharmaceutical industries, fish farming, waste water treatment and ozone plant feeding, solid waste incineration and health care.

Grasys offers a wide range of air separation units for oxygen generation, from small mobile units for metal cutting and welding to systems for independent filling of standard oxygen cylinders at 150 atm in the production facility.


  • Raising the temperature in melting and glass furnaces
  • Preparation of different chemical compounds
  • Reducing sulphur deposits in refineries
  • Gas welding, cutting, soldering of metals
  • Reducing fry incubation time in fish farming
Monitoring and control system

Advanced, Smart GRASYS Intelligent Control-8 Control and Monitoring System

The advanced, smart GRASYS Intelligent Control-8 monitoring and control system ensures the simplest and most convenient control of the GRASYS oxygen generator.

The GRASYS Intelligent Control-8 monitoring and control system provides:

  • Full control of all unit systems;
  • Manual, automatic and remote control options;
  • The ability to integrate the unit's control system into the factory-wide control system;
  • Emergency interlocks to protect against falling outside the permitted limits of key process parameters;
  • Switching the generator to standby mode under zero oxygen consumption;
  • A wide range of additional options, including the ability to control unit parameters via the Internet.


  • Fully automated, easy to maintain
  • High fault-tolerance, reliability
  • Minimal operator supervision is required during operation
  • Quick system start-up and shutdown
  • High purity of the oxygen generated
  • Small-sized, lightweight
  • Low operating costs

Serial Adsorption
Oxygen Plants AKS (AKSB)

Serial oxygen plants of the AKS model range are designed to generate gaseous oxygen with up to 99% purity from atmospheric air with capacity ranging from 5.5 to 100 m³/h. Units AKSB enable to fill cylinders.

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Serial Adsorption Oxygen Plants AKS (AKSB)

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