Natural Gas Treatment to meet Fuel Gas Requirements

Treatment of gas for use as fuel in gas reciprocating power plants (GRPPs) and gas turbine power plants (GTPPs) by means of Grasys membrane-based natural gas processing units. Increase of the methane number. The degree of fuel gas treatment can vary considerably depending on the composition of the feed gas and the requirements for the treated gas.

Natural Gas Treatment to meet Fuel Gas Requirements

Currently, associated petroleum gas in remote and shallow oil fields is often diverted for flaring because it cannot be used on site. This is due to its low methane number (methane index) and high content of heavy hydrocarbons, which makes it impossible to transport or use as a fuel for GRPPs and GTPPs without pre-treatment; at the same time, it is uneconomical to process relatively small quantities of such gas using conventional methods.

Grasys membrane hydrocarbon units can significantly improve the properties of this gas by removing a significant portion of the heavy hydrocarbons (C4+). In this case, methane is concentrated in the target stream with minimal pressure drop, which is particularly important when treating fuel gas for GTPPs. In addition, membrane systems reduce sulphur-bearing impurities in the fuel gas and completely remove aerosols, moisture droplets and solids.

The degree of fuel gas treatment can vary considerably depending on the composition of the feed gas and the requirements for the treated gas.

Grasys' comprehensive solution ensures that associated petroleum gas is treated to meet the hydrogen sulphide requirements for fuel gas.

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The use of Grasys membrane technology can significantly improve fuel gas quality

  • Increase the gas methane index (number) by 15–60 units
  • Reduce C4+ content by a factor of 2.5–6.0. The residual content is less than 2% vol.
  • Reduce C5+ content by a factor of 6–12. The residual content is less than 0.5% vol.
  • Increase methane content by 8–20% vol, in some cases by 35–40% vol.
  • Reduce the dew point for hydrocarbons and moisture by 15–60 °C

The use of Grasys membrane technology makes it possible

  • To operate a gas turbine power plant (GTPP) at 100% of its nominal capacity. At the same time, the increase in power generation is as high as 15–40%
  • Ensure that the temperature of the gas supplied to the inlet of the GRPP (GTPP) can be reduced to minimum values (+10 to +15 °C)
  • Eliminate the risk of fuel detonation
  • Receive gas that meets the requirements of GOST 5542-2014 and STO Gazprom 089-2010

What Makes a Membrane Fuel Gas Treatment Plant Unique?

  • Grasys membrane units simultaneously remove several contaminants from natural gas and associated petroleum gas in a single process cycle, which is not possible with any other hydrocarbon gas treatment technology
  • The Grasys membrane technology used in fuel gas treatment plants is environmentally friendly as it uses no chemical reagents
  • In most cases, no additional heating power is required to implement the process
  • The plant is delivered in a transportable, ready-to-use block module, which significantly reduces installation time and costs

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