Grasys CNG Station Equipment
Grasys CNG Station Equipment

Compressed natural gas (CNG) stations are designed for refuelling motor vehicles with compressed natural gas. Grasys CNG stations are available in a variety of designs and can be supplied either in a containerised version or as individual modules. Modular plants are designed to fit on any site and can be installed in a short time.

The equipment includes compressor(s), gas treatment unit (dryer), priority panel, gas accumulator unit, station-wide automatic control system (optional), inlet valve skid (optional), CNG dispensers (optional). The station is supplied complete with all the necessary utilities.

Aspro CNG Station Equipment
Aspro CNG Station Equipment

Grasys is the official representative of the Aspro brand in Russia.

Grasys' key technology partner for CNG station compressors and refuelling equipment is DELTA Compresion S.R.L., Aspro brand, Argentina.

Aspro is one of the world's leading manufacturers of CNG station equipment, with a total production capacity of up to 500 compressors per year. Full cycle in-house design, manufacture and assembly of all CNG station components.

Subsidised CNG stations.
Grasys Products

Grasys manufactures products that fully comply with the requirements for subsidised CNG stations and have the necessary Conclusions of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade on the Confirmation of Industrial Production in the Territory of the Russian Federation, issued in accordance with Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 719 dated 17 July 2015 in terms of CNG stations.

Субсидирование АГНКС. Продукция НПК «Грасис».

Grasys offers comprehensive solutions for CNG production (CNG stations). Professional competence and many years of experience in the natural gas vehicle industry enable our specialists to implement turnkey projects for the construction of CNG stations, from the selection of the site to the commissioning of the facility and the interaction with the consumers of compressed natural gas (CNG) to ensure the loading of the station.

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We provide aftersales service to ensure equipment efficient performance and reliability excellence (optional)

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High-tech Russian manufacture

Implementation of import substitution programs

Hands-on experience in implementing over 1500 projects within 20 years

Manufacturing equipment of any size and level of sophistication

Turnkey projects (EPC-contracts)

Prompt technical support

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