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Nitrogen Generation Units and Plants

High-purity nitrogen generation from atmosphere air using membrane and adsorption technologies.

Oxygen Generation Units and Plants

High-purity oxygen generation from atmosphere air for using in medicine and production sector.

Skid-Mounted Compressor Plants

Air compression. Compression of natural, associated petroleum and other gases.

Membrane-based Natural Gas Processing Units

Hydrocarbon gases treatment to meet the Customer’s requirements or to comply with the product specification.

CNG Station Equipment

Equipment and package solutions for compressed natural gas (CNG) production.

Hydrogen Generation and Purification Plants

Hydrogen production from natural gas. Hydrogen purification. Hydrogen concentration from gas streams.

Gas Conversion Plants

Methanol and hydrogen production from natural gas for small and medium-scale methane conversion.

Cryogenic Air Separation Units (ASU)

Production of nitrogen, oxygen, argon and mixtures of other gases from air using low-temperature rectification.

Gas Separation Membranes

Hydrogen and helium concentration, removal of unwanted components from hydrocarbon gases.

Adsorbents for Gas Separation and Treatment

For nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, helium units, to dry air and hydrocarbon gases.

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