R&P Co. Grasys offers electrolysers

25 June 2024

Grasys, being an expert in the manufacture of hydrogen production and purification plants, is proud to offer electrolysis units for hydrogen production (electrolysers).

Electrolysers are designed to produce high-purity hydrogen (up to 99.9998%). The process is based on water decomposition into hydrogen and oxygen when exposed to electric current.

Electrolyser type: Alkaline
Productivity, m³/h: up to 500 m³/h
Hydrogen purity: up to 99.9998%
Pressure: as per customer requirements

Application scope of hydrogen electrolyser

  • The food industry - hydrogen is used in fat hydrogenation processes
  • The power industry (thermal power plant (TTP), state district power plant (SDPP), nuclear power plant (NPP)) – turbogenerator cooling with hydrogen.
  • The metals industry – hydrogen is used to produce metals using direct ore recovery
  • The electronics industry – hydrogen is used in epitaxy processes.
  • The glass industry
  • The petrochemical industry
  • Grasys provides solutions for hydrogen production by steam reforming, membrane and adsorption solutions for hydrogen stream concentration and purification, and is also engaged in developing future-oriented technology for the carbon-free hydrogen production.

    Click here to learn more https://www.grasys.com/products/hydrogen-plants/

    News date:  25.06.2024 15:38:00

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