10 l/min Medical Oxygen Concentrators AKS Stock Available!

24 February 2024

Ten liter per minute medical oxygen concentrators AKS are stock available at Grasys!

Serial oxygen concentrators AKS-10 with up to 10 l/min capacity enable to produce up to 95% pure oxygen from atmosphere air immediately at the consumption point. Medical concentrators are space-saving.

Concentrator AKS is efficiently used:

  • as a bedside
  • for connection to artificial lung ventilation, anaesthesia-respiratory devices
  • for oxygen supply to the network

This model is patient-proof. The concentrator is equipped with individual breathing systems (from 3 to 5 sets).

To purchase 10 l/min medical concentrator AKS please call 007 (495) 777-77-34 or e-mail to info@grasys.com

News date:  24.02.2024 15:38:00

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