R&P Co. Grasys: Hydrogen Purification and Concentration Technology Localization

13 February 2024

In 2020, R&P Co. Grasys started the first and only one in Russia and elsewhere in the CIS production of gas separation membrane and membrane cartridges. Thus far, development of a model range that enables to solve most of the gas separation challenges, including hydrogen concentration problems has been completed. Hydrogen is a valuable feedstock used in diverse industrial sectors. The global hydrogen demand is steadily on the rise.

Grasys brought to the market hydrogen concentration membrane units based on membrane elements of the in-house production. Membrane hydrogen concentration units enable to generate a gas stream up to 90-99.9% enriched in hydrogen that can be returned to production operations. In many cases membrane units are used where application of the equipment based on other technologies is not feasible or is ineffective from a technical and economic standpoint. Thus, upon successful completion of pilot hydrogen unit testing at a Russian fertilizer plant, a contract has been signed for the industrial-scale unit supply.

As it currently stands, in Russia there are numerous foreign-made units in service that require regular maintenance, including replacement of key components - membrane cartridges. Grasys is engaged in executing contracts for the membrane cartridge development and supply so that to replace foreign-made cartridges in use (Air Liquide, and others) at Russian oil refineries.

Apart from membrane gas separation solutions, for the last few years Grasys has rapidly been developing its own technology for hydrogen and helium purification using the PSA method. A lot of research and R&D have been carried out, in particular adsorbent testing, technology optimization, system configurations, component testing, and others. Today, Grasys is the only company in the Russian Federation that has provided complete localization of the hydrogen purification and helium technology using the PSA method.

2023 paved the way to implement industrial-scale projects for the development and supply of hydrogen purification units using the PSA method at the Russian oil refineries. Furthermore, over the past few years Grasys has completed a great many projects for maintenance (diagnostics, adsorbent replacement, automated control systems tuning / replacement) and start-up of the western-made units unaided by manufacturer (Air Products, Linde, and others).

News date:  13.02.2024 14:02:00

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