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Research and Production Company Grasys has a Training Center, the primary mission of which is to train and upgrade qualification of specialists engaged in air and gas separation at the Customer's site.

The training goal is to increase theoretical knowledge level and develop practical skills in gas separation and compressor equipment operation and maintenance.

Training is based on approved programs subject to type and number of the Customer’s equipment in operation with the total duration of 72 hours, and includes both theoretical instructions and live demos.

Case-by-case approach

Case-by-case approach

Qualified teaching staff

Qualified teaching staff

Expert advice

Expert advice

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Training Programs

Further vocational education is provided along the lines of:

  • Membrane air separation unit operation and maintenance
  • Adsorption air separation unit operation and maintenance
  • Operation and maintenance of membrane unit for hydrocarbon gas mixture treatment
  • Operation and maintenance of compressor units and plants

Training Outcomes

Specialists of the Grasys Training Center provide instruction at the equipment operating site, which facilitates to benefit from live demos to maximum effect and easiest comprehension.

Instructions are held specifically using Grasys nitrogen, oxygen & hydrocarbon units and plants, skid-mounted compressor stations. It helps train the Customer's staff using their own equipment under actual operating conditions subject to performance features and climate patterns.

Upon training completion the participants are awarded with a standard certificate of proficiency enhancement issued by non-profit educational institution of Grasys further vocational education.

Reasons Why Customers Choose Grasys:

  • Grasys Training Center is unrivaled
  • The Training Center instructors are industry experts, Candidates and Doctors of Science
  • One-on-one training program
  • Remote instruction capabilities
  • Training is provided across all Russia’s regions
  • Training process arrangement in a short time frame

Read more about the Training Center and programs of instruction at: https://grasysacademy.ru/

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