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R&P Co. Grasys offers services for the supplied air and gas separation equipment preservation.

Equipment preservation and packing

Damage protection during equipment downtime

Equipment depreservation (reconditioning) after preservation

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Preservation is applied when the launch date for the facility where Grasys equipment to be operated is delayed or postponed for a protracted period of time. Preservation will protect equipment from environmental exposure during downtime. Grasys extends warranty obligations for the preservation period.

Preservation may also be required when decommissioning equipment and providing favorable environment for its long-term storage.

Equipment preservation package includes stages as follows:

  • Grasys service specialists visits to the actual equipment location
  • Diagnostics of the equipment technical condition where applicable
  • Equipment preservation and packing

Whereupon engineering work scope and procedure are determined on case-by-case basis and depends on the equipment type and condition, remoteness of its actual location and other factors.

At Customer’s option Grasys Service Department will perform equipment depreservation (reconditioning) after its preservation.

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