Medical Oxygen Concentrators Oxypower

Research and Production Company Grasys designs and manufactures AKS medical concentrators which produce oxygen with a purity of up to 95% (up to 99% if equipped with a post-treatment system) from atmospheric air. We offer off-the-shelf medical oxygen concentrators as well as complex oxygen supply packages specifically designed to meet the needs of your healthcare facility.


up to 4,000 L/min

Oxygen concentration

up to 95%


0.5 MPa; 5 MPa


Outdoors (in a containerised module)

Grasys Solutions

Medical Oxygen Concentrators Oxypower-250
Medical Oxygen Concentrators Oxypower-250

до 95% - 250 л/мин

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Research and Production Company Grasys is the leading developer and manufacturer of oxygen equipment in Russia and the CIS, offering highly efficient oxygen generation systems for healthcare facilities.

Grasys manufactures both standard AKS medical oxygen plants and complex oxygen supply packages specifically designed to meet the needs of a healthcare facility.

Medical oxygen systems are available in a variety of versions, depending on the customer's requirements:

  • Fixed version for installation in a central or freestanding building, with a capacity of up to 100 L/min, in accordance with Code of Practice (CP) 158.1333.2014.
  • Mobile version in a containerised module for outdoor installation when indoor space is not available.
  • Mobile version on a trolley for positioning and movement within the healthcare facility at the discretion of the nursing staff.

Grasys oxygen equipment is successfully used in many healthcare institutions in the Russian Federation. In hospital conditions, it compensates for oxygen deficiency in respiratory diseases and reduces the risk of lethality in severe forms of COVID-19 coronavirus.

Product Design Options

In a Ward / Office

Mobile version. Placement in operating rooms and resuscitation wards, connection to lung ventilators and anesthesia-respiratory devices

At the premises of a Hospital

Fixed version. Placement in the hospital service room, connection to the central gas supply system.

Outside the Hospital

Packaged modular (transportable) design. Execution in modular container or sea container. Connection to the central gas supply system. Operation in various climatic zones.

Capacity, L/min up to 4,000

Oxygen concentration, %up to 95

Pressure, MPa 0.5; 15

Dew point temperature, °C +3 to +5

Supply voltage220 V 50 Hz, 380 V 50 Hz

Operating temperature, °C+5 to +35

Overhaul life, thousand hoursup to 100

General Description

Research and Production Company Grasys has extensive practical experience in gas and air separation and regularly carries out scientific research and product testing, resulting in unique equipment. An example of such equipment is the AKS oxygen concentrator. It can be used to solve any task, even the most complex, and to implement important projects for the supply of oxygen to various institutions. The сoncentrators and units are created using the state-of-the-art technology and is fully up to date.

It generates oxygen using a special PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology. The essence of this technology lies in the ability of adsorbent materials to selectively absorb nitrogen and impurity gases present in the atmosphere, while allowing oxygen molecules to pass through. This principle ensures reliable oxygen generation unit operation and excellent product specifications. Each Grasys oxygen generation unit is supplied with the necessary certificates of conformity and undergoes strict quality control at every stage of production.

Grasys manufactures units of various capacities, including both small packages and complex systems that generate and maintain the required supply of oxygen in cylinders. On request from a healthcare facility, our experts will design and build containerised oxygen concentrators that can be installed outdoors in any suitable location. This method of installation is very convenient and requires no preparatory work.

Research and Production Company Grasys provides comprehensive customer service. At your service we provide engineering support, project preparation and development, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the oxygen generation unit. Each unit has a guarantee and is covered by warranty and post-warranty service.


The oxygen concentrators are widely used for the following purposes:

  • For the supply of oxygen to special care wards and lung ventilators;
  • As a source of medical gas for patients receiving oxygen therapy;
  • As a source of gas for apparatus anaesthesia;
  • For breathing pure gas when indicated;
  • To carry out therapeutic, prophylactic procedures for medical purposes;
  • For all purposes and applications related to operation of oxygen-containing instruments and devices.
Control and Monitoring System

The oxygen concentrator is cost-effective and easy to use. It is equipped with a smart control and monitoring system to ensure safe and convenient use of the device. The control system reliably ensures the following processes:

  • Continuous monitoring of the operation of the device as a whole and of its individual systems;
  • Monitoring of important parameters — gas purity and others;
  • Recording and analytical processing of the data obtained as a result of monitoring;
  • A wide range of support options to simplify the control of the oxygen generation plant, including remote access, broadcasting of data and reports to any device, and support for Ethernet connection to the service centre.

The oxygen concentrator provides important benefits when used. This is why it is in demand in healthcare and medical institutions. Among the key benefits, the following are worth mentioning:

  • The independence of the institution in obtaining oxygen;
  • No need for regular purchases of oxygen cylinders and their delivery to the healthcare facility;
  • A high level of plant safety;
  • The oxygen generated by the plant has high purity parameters;
  • High capacity and efficiency of oxygen generation units;
  • Ease of use;
  • Automation of the unit;
  • Little time required to start-up and shut down the oxygen generation unit;
  • The ability to design turnkey oxygen generation plants to meet the individual needs of a particular healthcare facility;
  • The oxygen concentrator can be housed in a special container that allows the system to be safely installed in a selected location outside the healthcare facility.

Operating Procedure When Dealing With R&P Co. Grasys


Submit a request on the site or reach our specialist by phone


Grasys expert speaks to you and finds out your needs


You fill out a questionnaire with the desired equipment parameters


Our expert prepares a quotation with the most efficient solutions to your application. Contract to be concluded


We perform engineering, designing, manufacture equipment with its further testing and placing into service, etc


We ship equipment to the operational location and provide a package of documents


We are engaged in start-up operations and equipment commissioning


We provide aftersales service to ensure equipment efficient performance and reliability excellence (optional)

Advantages of Cooperating with R&P Co. Grasys

High-tech Russian manufacture

Implementation of import substitution programs

Hands-on experience in implementing over 1600 projects within 20 years

Manufacturing equipment of any size and level of sophistication

Turnkey projects (EPC-contracts)

Prompt technical support

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