Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower

The NITROPOWER and NITROPOWER PLUS series nitrogen generators are designed to generate high-purity nitrogen (up to 99.9995%) from atmospheric air. Nitrogen generators are available in various configurations with a range of options, allowing the customer to make the best possible choice of equipment..


up to 300 m3/h

Nitrogen purity

up to 99.999%


up to 0.8 MPa

Delivery period

up to 30 days

Grasys Solutions

Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower-2
Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower-2

Capacity at:
99% N2 - 6.1 m3/h
99.9% N2 - 3.8 m3/h
99.99% N2 - 2.4 m3/h
99.999% N2 - 1.3 m3/h

Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower-4
Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower-4

Capacity at:
99% N2 - 12.2 m3/h
99.9% N2 - 7.6 m3/h
99.99% N2 - 4.9 m3/h
99.999% N2 - 2.6 m3/h

Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower-6
Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower-6

Capacity at:
99% N2 - 18.2 m3/h
99.9% N2 - 11.4 m3/h
99.99% N2 - 7.3 m3/h
99.999% N2 - 3.9 m3/h

Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower-8
Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower-8

Capacity at:
99% N2 - 24.3 m3/h
99.9% N2 - 15.2 m3/h
99.99% N2 - 9.8 m3/h
99.999% N2 - 5.2 m3/h

Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower-10
Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower-10

Capacity at:
99% N2 - 30.4 m3/h
99.9% N2 - 19.0 m3/h
99.99% N2 - 12.2 m3/h
99.999% N2 - 6.6 m3/h

Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower-12
Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower-12

Capacity at:
99% N2 - 36.5 m3/h
99.9% N2 - 22.8 m3/h
99.99% N2 - 14.7 m3/h
99.999% N2 - 7.8 m3/h

Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower Plus 2.2-2
Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower Plus 2.2-2

Capacity at:
99% N2 - 100.7 m3/h
99.9% N2 - 63.3 m3/h
99.99% N2 - 40.7 m3/h
99.999% N2 - 24 m3/h

Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower Plus 2.2-4
Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower Plus 2.2-4

Capacity at:
99% N2 - 201.4 m3/h
99.9% N2 - 126.6 m3/h
99.99% N2 - 81.4 m3/h
99.999% N2 - 48 m3/h

Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower Plus 2.2-6
Serial PSA Nitrogen Generators Nitropower Plus 2.2-6

Capacity at:
99% N2 - 302.1 m3/h
99.9% N2 - 189.9 m3/h
99.99% N2 - 122.1 m3/h
99.999% N2 - 72 m3/h

PSA Nitrogen Generators ADA
PSA Nitrogen Generators ADA

до 10,000 m3/h
Nitrogen purity:
до 99.9995%

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NITROPOWER Range Nitrogen Generators

Today we offer two standard models of nitrogen generators — NITROPOWER and NITROPOWER PLUS. Each nitrogen generator model can be supplied in various configurations with a range of options, allowing the customer to make the best possible choice of equipment and avoid overpaying for unnecessary features. Specify your requirements and get a unit that meets them in full.

Model Capacity (m3/h) at various nitrogen purities Dimensions, mm (H*W*D) Weight, kg
99 99.5 99.9 99.95 99.99 99.995 99.999 Width Depth Height
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6.1 5.2 3.8 3.3 2.4 1.8 1.3 1,000 700 1,800 280
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12.2 10.5 7.6 6.7 4.9 3.6 2.6 1,000 700 1,800 325
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18.2 15.8 11.4 10.1 7.3 5.4 3.9 1,000 700 1,800 370
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24.3 21.1 15.2 13.5 9.8 7.2 5.2 1,000 700 1,800 420
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30.4 26.3 19.0 16.8 12.2 9.0 6.6 630 1,500 1,750 485
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36.5 31.6 22.8 20.2 14.7 10.8 7.8 630 1,500 1,750 530
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100.7 87.5 63.3 55.7 40.7 35.2 24 1,570 810 2,200 815
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201.4 175 126.6 111.4 81.4 70.4 48 1,500 1,400 2,185 1,385
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302.1 262.5 189.9 167.1 122.1 105.6 72 2,745 1,160 2,205 2,000

Capacity is given under standard conditions (t = 20 °C, P = 760 mmHg).

Product Images

All nitrogen generators are designed to produce gaseous nitrogen from normal air. Our high-quality nitrogen generation equipment ensures a low residual oxygen concentration of 0.001% or less. Nitrogen generator operates on the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) principle, which ensures efficient performance of the unit under all conditions.

The industrial nitrogen generator is available from the manufacturer in both fixed and mobile versions. In the second case, it can be mounted on a skid or in a container, depending on the customer's requirements, ready for transport and use.

The NITROPOWER nitrogen generator is a popular high-performance industrial nitrogen generator. Such generators have the excellent specifications:

  • Gas product flow rate of 85 cubic metres per hour;
  • Discharge gas pressure of up to 10 bar;
  • Discharge gas purity of 99.999%.

The nitrogen generator is equipped with a smart monitoring and control system that enables the unit's self-diagnostics and connection to the factory-wide system. With this system, the operation of the unit is constantly monitored and carried out in full compliance with safety requirements.

Grasys offers high quality nitrogen generation units based on the latest technologies and scientific advances. Our specialists will provide you with professional advice and help you choose the technical parameters for your unit.

Product Design Options

Fixed Design

Free equipment placement.

Fixed Design

On-skid or on-platform design allowing for the system quick installation and start-up.

Packaged Modular (Transportable)

Modular container or sea container design. Operation in various climatic zones.
Тех. характеристики

Capacity, m³/h up to 300

Nitrogen purity, % up to 99.999

Pressure, MPa up to 0.8

Supply voltage, V, Hz220, 50

Operating temperature, °C+5 to +35

NITROPOWER Generator Operating Principle

NITROPOWER nitrogen generators operate on the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) principle. The generators are based on a set of steel adsorbers filled with a special adsorbent — a carbon molecular sieve. This specially prepared material has pores of a size that preferentially absorb (adsorb) oxygen, allowing the air passing through the adsorber to be enriched with nitrogen.

The pre-dried and purified compressed air enters the generator and passes through the adsorbers in an upward direction, from bottom to top. Nitrogen molecules poorly penetrate the pores of the adsorbent, so they pass through the adsorber and enter the product line, while oxygen accumulates in the adsorbent.

Due to the limited oxygen absorption capacity of the adsorbent, NITROPOWER generators automatically switch the operating mode of the adsorbers so that one group of adsorbers absorbs oxygen while the other is being regenerated. During regeneration, the pressure in the adsorber drops and the accumulated oxygen is released to the atmosphere. The adsorbers are cyclically switched to ensure continuous nitrogen generation.

Control System

Control System of NITROPOWER Series Generators

Equipped with an integrated gas analyser board and flow meter, the control system can be integrated into a superordinate system (factory-wide process control system) for remote monitoring and control of all processes

Depending on the options and models selected, the following parameters can be monitored:

  • Generator inlet air temperature;
  • Generator inlet air pressure;
  • Generator discharge product gas pressure;
  • Oxygen concentration in the product gas at the generator outlet;
  • Pressure in the generator's adsorbers;
  • Product gas flow rate at the nitrogen generator outlet (optional).

Benefits of NITROPOWER Nitrogen Generator

  • Excellent Efficiency.The use of the latest technology in the design of NITROPOWER generators has made it possible to achieve the lowest air consumption per unit of product nitrogen in the world. This gives you the opportunity to save on compressor equipment and significantly reduce energy costs.

    The generators do not contain any vessels covered by PB 10-115-03. Rules for the Construction and Safe Operation of Pressure Vessels, as the volume of the adsorbers of NITROPOWER generators does not exceed 20 litres.

  • Ability to Increase Capacity. You can easil increase the capacity of your NITROPOWER generator as required thanks to its modular design, allowing you to make a phased investment.
  • Robustness and Operating Life. Often manufacturers push the maximum parameters per unit of adsorbent to save costs, resulting in rapid wear and tear. NITROPOWER generators are designed for long and robust performance. The lower linear gas velocity reduces adsorbent wear and significantly increases generator life.
  • Minimum lead time. NITROPOWER generators are usually in stock and the lead time is only determined by delivery. This means you get your equipment faster, reducing the payback period on your investment.
  • The wide product range allows you to choose the right nitrogen generator model without overpaying for excessive production capacity.
  • The high quality of NITROPOWER generators is ensured by series production, excellent build quality, the use of high quality components from leading European, US and Japanese manufacturers, and a reliable valve system. The generators are supplied fully operational.
  • Advanced Control System. A generator is equipped with a state-of-the-art control system that enables the unit's self-diagnostics and connection to the factory-wide process control system.
  • Wide Range of Services. With its extensive experience, R&P Co. Grasys is able to implement projects of any complexity, from the supply of generators to turnkey projects. R&P Co. Grasys specialists supervise the installation, commissioning, warranty and post-warranty service of the equipment supplied.

NITROPOWER Nitrogen Generator Options

  • Air receiver
  • Air compressor
  • Dryer
  • Nitrogen receiver
  • Air filters
  • Booster compressor
  • Receiver connection kit
  • Kit for connecting the generator to a compressed air source
  • Comprehensive warranty and post-warranty service

The NITROPOWER adsorption nitrogen generators offered by Grasys are high quality, low cost units that are in high demand on the Russian market. A great deal of research and development has gone into their design and production, and only the highest quality components are used in the manufacturing process. All this makes NITROPOWER a unique unit with excellent performance and a wide range of applications.

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We ship equipment to the operational location and provide a package of documents


We are engaged in start-up operations and equipment commissioning


We provide aftersales service to ensure equipment efficient performance and reliability excellence (optional)

Advantages of Cooperating with R&P Co. Grasys

High-tech Russian manufacture

Implementation of import substitution programs

Hands-on experience in implementing over 1600 projects within 20 years

Manufacturing equipment of any size and level of sophistication

Turnkey projects (EPC-contracts)

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