Membranes for Hydrogen Recovery


  • Hydrogen concentration and producing up to 90-99.9% hydrogen-rich gas flow;
  • H₂/CO adjustment in synthesis gas.

Hydrogen concentration process on Grasys membrane

Hydrogen concentration process on Grasys membrane
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Diameter, " 12

Feed gas pressure, MPa up to 13.0

Membrane pressure drop, MPa up to 10.5

Feed gas temperature, °С 30 to 80

The principle of membrane separation of a gas mixture is based on the different penetration rates of its components through a polymeric membrane due to the differential partial pressures of the gas on either side of the membrane.

Membrane gas separation technology is widely used throughout the world to extract nitrogen from air, extract hydrogen from hydrogen-bearing gas mixtures, and extract carbon dioxide and water from natural gas.

Grasys Membrane Cartridges

  • High selectivity
  • High specific membrane surface area
  • Wide pressure range (up to 13 MPa)
  • Low pressure loss during separation
  • Excellent chemical stability

Grasys Cartridge-Based Membrane Units

  • Low capital and operating costs
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Compact unit dimensions
  • Removal of several impurities in a single process cycle
  • Environmentally friendly technology (no chemicals used)


  • Oil refining processes
    Applications related to hydrogen recovery and concentration in refinery cycles. Concentration of hydrogen from hydrotreating, hydrocracking, isomerisation and catalytic reforming off-gases, reducing the concentration of undesirable impurities to the required level.
  • Chemical and petrochemical processes
    Recovery and concentration of hydrogen from pyrolysis, alkane and alkene dehydrogenation, methanol production off-gases and other process streams.
  • Ammonia production
    Separation of hydrogen from nitrogen, methane and argon in ammonia-bearing purge gas streams.
  • Synthesis gas production
    Regulation of the hydrogen/carbon monoxide ratio in the production cycle of oxosynthesis plants.

Grasys Solutions

  • Production and supply of membrane cartridges
  • Replacement of membranes from other manufacturers
  • Design and manufacture of membrane units
  • Maintenance, repair, upgrading of membrane units
  • Complete turnkey projects (EPC contracts)

Membrane hydrogen recovery units

Membrane hydrogen recovery units produce a gas stream enriched to a hydrogen content of 90–99.9% that can be returned to production. In many cases, membrane hydrogen concentration plants are used where the use of equipment based on other technologies is not possible or not technically feasible.

Membrane hydrogen recovery units

Grasys Manufacturing Facility

Grasys Manufacturing Facility
Grasys Manufacturing Facility
Grasys Manufacturing Facility
Grasys Manufacturing Facility
Grasys Manufacturing Facility
Grasys Manufacturing Facility
Grasys Manufacturing Facility
Grasys Manufacturing Facility
Grasys Manufacturing Facility

The main specialisation of the production complex: the manufacture of high-efficiency hollow-fibre gas separation membrane cartridges.

A unique research and production complex is located in the territory of the Dubna Special Economic Zone of Technical-Innovative Type. One of the most strategically important areas is the production of membrane cartridges for hydrocarbon gas separation, including the helium concentrate separation.

Booklet. Grasys Manufacturing Facility. Download PDF; 1,33 МБ

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