Biogas Upgrading Units

These units purify biogas produced from organic waste, energy crops, landfill gas or supplied from wastewater treatment plants. After the purification process, the product gas — biomethane with a purity of up to 99.95% — can be fed into the gas transport system or used as a fuel (liquefied biomethane) for vehicles.


up to 3,000 m³/h

Biomethane purity

up to 99.95%

Methane yield

up to 99.95%

Lead time

up to 8 months

Biogas Purification Process

The configuration of the system is determined by the composition and specifications of the feed gas and the quality requirements for the product gas.
Biogas fed from the sludge digester is pre-compressed by a gas blower. Most of the water is removed from the biogas by condensation in the biogas cooler. Carbon columns are commonly used to remove hydrogen sulphide and other pollutants. The gas compressor plant provides the pressure required for the membrane gas separation process. Up to 80% of the heat generated by a compressor can be recovered and used to reduce overall energy costs. The compressed biogas enters the pre-treatment stage of a membrane unit consisting of an auxiliary cooler, a heat exchanger, and a coalescing filter. The feed gas is distributed to the membrane vessels via a manifold. The gas passes through the hollow fibres where rapidly penetrating components such as CO2 and water penetrate to the outside of the membrane module. The residual stream from the first membrane stage enters the next membrane stage for further separation and then leaves the plant as purified biomethane.

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Biogas-to-Biomethane Purification System

Grasys offers complete systems that include all the gas treatment equipment from the digester or landfill outlet to the gas transport network. The system includes equipment for removal of hydrogen sulphide, volatile organic compounds/siloxane, nitrogen, oxygen as well as all controls, instrumentation, and pipework. Grasys designs and manufactures units with an optimum balance between carbon intensity and operational efficiency.

The units are available in different versions: frame-mounted, skid-mounted, containerised. Grasys develops each system as a tailor-made solution according to the Customer's requirements.

Product Design Options

Frame-mounted Version

Stand-alone, frame-mounted or platform-mounted equipment.

Skid-mounted Version

A skid-mounted version that allows quick installation and start-up of the system.

Packaged Modular (Transportable)

Modular container or sea container design. Operation in various climatic zones.

Capacity, m³/h up to 3,000

Biomethane purity, %up to 99.95

Methane yield, %up to 99.95


Benefits of Grasys' Biogas Upgrading Units:

  • Upgrading of biogas to biomethane to meet the requirements of STO Gazprom 089-2010 for supply to the gas transport system, or the Customer's requirements;
  • Operationally reliable and fault-tolerant (proven design solutions);
  • Quick installation and possibility to increase capacity (modularity);
  • Easy operation and automation of the unit;
  • Quick system start-up;
  • Lead time less than 8 months;
  • Long operating life of the unit;
  • Low operating costs.

Grasys' Competencies in Biogas-to-Biomethane Upgrading Technology

Grasys offers a comprehensive project implementation including the following stages:

  • Process simulation
  • Basic engineering of units
  • Detailed engineering of units (including the non-standard, non-typical equipment)
  • Fabrication and installation of equipment
  • Commissioning
  • Start-up
  • Customer training
  • After-sales services

Operating Procedure When Dealing With R&P Co. Grasys


Submit a request on the site or reach our specialist by phone


Grasys expert speaks to you and finds out your needs


You fill out a questionnaire with the desired equipment parameters


Our expert prepares a quotation with the most efficient solutions to your application. Contract to be concluded


We perform engineering, designing, manufacture equipment with its further testing and placing into service, etc


We ship equipment to the operational location and provide a package of documents


We are engaged in start-up operations and equipment commissioning


We provide aftersales service to ensure equipment efficient performance and reliability excellence (optional)

Advantages of Cooperating with R&P Co. Grasys

High-tech Russian manufacture

Implementation of import substitution programs

Hands-on experience in implementing over 1500 projects within 20 years

Manufacturing equipment of any size and level of sophistication

Turnkey projects (EPC-contracts)

Prompt technical support

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