Gas Compressor Skid Packages

Compact, low noise, high performance gas compressor skid packages for a wide range of applications. Gas compression skid packages can be equipped with gas separation units. Delivered as a complete, ready-to-use block module.


up to 1,000,000 m³/h


up to 40 MPa

Warm-up period

up to 10 minutes

Operating temperature

–50 to +40 °C

R&P Co. Grasys offers special gas compressor skid packages to solve urgent problems in the compression of natural and associated petroleum gas for further injection and utilisation. Grasys compressor skid packages (BKS series) can also be used for other associated petroleum gas applications, such as the treatment of fuel gas for gas turbine power plants or boiler plants.

The BKS plant is supplied as a complete, factory-assembled, ready-to-use block module, equipped with a complex of monitoring and control systems, fire and gas alarms, and a public address system.

The gas compression skid package can be fitted with gas separation equipment to separate (concentrate) other gas mixtures, including hydrogen and hydrocarbon mixtures.

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Typical Configuration of Gas Compressor Skid Package

Compressor inlet gas purification / treatment system

  • Gas filter (coarse filter)
  • Filter separator (fine filtration, liquid separation))
  • Gas pressure regulator (if necessary)


  • Screw type (oil-injected, oil-free)
  • Reciprocating type (oil-injected, oil-free)
  • Centrifugal type (oil-free) and other types as required by the Customer

Drive motor/engine

  • Electrical motor (with frequency converter if necessary)
  • Diesel engine
  • Gas engine

Heat exchanging equipment

  • Inlet gas cooling (if necessary)
  • Cooling between compression stages
  • Outlet cooling (if necessary)
  • Cooling of oil and auxiliary fluids

Booster compressor (optional)

Designed to increase the pre-compression pressure of the compressor.

Gas Compressor Skid Package Auxiliary Equipment

Heating system

Electric heating

Security and fire alarms

Outdoor and indoor emergency lighting

Includes regular lighting, emergency lighting, escape lighting, exterior lighting, and maintenance lighting.

LED lighting

  • Energy-saving LED general and emergency lighting systems
  • Emergency lighting runtime of at least 2 hours
  • Outdoor lighting with IP54 or higher LED luminaires

Fire extinguishing system (optional)

  • Dry chemical fire extinguishing
  • Gaseous fire suppression

Product Design Options

Fixed Design

Free equipment placement, on-skid or on-platform design.

Packaged Modular (Transportable)

Modular container or sea container design. Operation in various climatic zones.

Prefabricated Building

Modular frame building using light steel thin-walled structures and sandwich panels.
Тех. характеристики

Capacity, m³/h up to 1,000,000

Pressure, MPaup to 40

Installed power, kWup to 30,000

Operating temperature, °C−50 to +40

General Description

According to the requirements of the technology and the required gas parameters, gas compressor skid packages can be built with different types of compressors: piston, screw, liquid ring, rotary vane, centrifugal, etc. (GE, Corken, Bauer, Rotorcomp, Howden, Ro-Flo etc.), driven by gas engines, diesel engines or electric motors.

The gas compressor skid packages can be fitted with gas separation equipment to separate (concentrate) the gas mixtures, including hydrocarbon bearing mixtures.

R&P Co. Grasys supplies gas compressor skid packages for various applications:

  • Transport of natural or associated petroleum gas;
  • Associated petroleum gas treatment;
  • Compression of natural gas, associated petroleum gas and intermediate process streams in gas treatment and gas processing plants;
  • Gas injection into formations and underground storage facilities;
  • Gas compression in gas-lift oil extraction;
  • Associated petroleum gas utilisation;
  • Flare gas utilisation.
Система управления и контроля

Advanced, Smart GRASYS Intelligent Control-8 Control and Monitoring System

The advanced, smart GRASYS Intelligent Control-8 monitoring and control system ensures the simplest and most convenient control of the GRASYS gas compressor skid package.

The GRASYS Intelligent Control-8 monitoring and control system provides:

  • Full control of all plant systems;
  • Manual, automatic and remote control options;
  • The ability to integrate the unit's control system into the factory-wide control system;
  • Emergency interlocks to protect against falling outside the permitted limits of key process parameters;
  • Switching the plant to standby mode under zero compressed air or gas consumption;
  • A wide range of additional options, including the ability to control unit parameters via the Internet;
  • Archiving the main technical parameters of the plant;
  • The control panel is equipped with an active LCD display and shortcuts to access the most important functions.

The control system can be developed on the software and hardware complex of any modern equipment manufacturer, both foreign (B&R, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Yokogawa, General Electric, Rockwell Automation) and domestic (OVEN, Prosoft Systems, Segnetics, TREI, TECON, etc.).

Benefits of Grasys Gas Compressor Skid Packages

  • Short lead time and on-site installation time
  • Modular design allows quick assembly/disassembly and upgrade of the plant
  • Simple design
  • Comprehensiveness of implementation
  • A turnkey project can be implemented, including all necessary stages of work and permits
  • A full range of warranty and post-warranty services provided by our in-house service team
  • Full automation with GRASYS Intelligent Control 8 smart monitoring and control system
  • Provision of a full set of operational and permit documentation

Convenience for Design Organisations

  • Development of flowcharts
  • Calculations: gas pulsation analysis (acoustic analysis), vibration analysis, torsional vibration analysis, gas dynamic design of pipework, etc.
  • Engineering and development of documentation (design, operational, etc.)
  • Development of plant operation algorithms
  • Development of a control and monitoring system

Ease of Use

  • The design of the containerised modules allows easy access for plant maintenance (equipped with a swing gate, sufficiently wide passages to work in).
  • The design of compressor plants is based on the principle of minimising the need for human intervention in the operation of the plant. No permanent staff presence is required.
  • The equipment requires a minimum of maintenance (standard maintenance as recommended by the manufacturers of the core process equipment).

Operating Procedure When Dealing With R&P Co. Grasys


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We ship equipment to the operational location and provide a package of documents


We are engaged in start-up operations and equipment commissioning


We provide aftersales service to ensure equipment efficient performance and reliability excellence (optional)

Advantages of Cooperating with R&P Co. Grasys

High-tech Russian manufacture

Implementation of import substitution programs

Hands-on experience in implementing over 1500 projects within 20 years

Manufacturing equipment of any size and level of sophistication

Turnkey projects (EPC-contracts)

Prompt technical support

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